Need help getting started? Our step-by-step tutorials will teach you how to use our products and integrate them into your game. We dive deep, and focus on real-world examples you can actually use. So pull up a chair and let's start learning!

Getting Started

In this video, we'll show you how to get started using DestroyIt, a destruction system for Unity.

We'll take one of Unity's free Shanty Town models and make it destructible. We'll start with an empty scene, and by the end, we'll have a destructible refrigerator that sparks when hit, has visual damage stages, uses rigidbody physics, and has a door that can be destroyed separately from the base refrigerator.

Cell Fracturing in Blender

In this video, we'll fracture a 3D model using Blender (a free open-source modeling tool) and use that model in the DestroyIt destruction system.

This tutorial assumes no previous knowledge of Blender - we'll start from scratch and go step-by-step. We'll download a free model from the Unity Asset Store, import it into Blender, fracture it, assign materials to the interior, and export it back into Unity. Once we have the model in Unity, we'll put colliders and rigidbodies on the fractured pieces and blow it up using the DestroyIt Destruction System.

UFPS Melee Weapon Tutorial

This video will show you how to get UFPS melee weapons working with our DestroyIt Destruction System for Unity. UFPS is a popular first-person controller and camera system that works well with DestroyIt. Both are available on the Unity Asset Store.

Creating Destroyed Prefabs

This video will show you how to create a destroyed prefab for use with DestroyIt, the Destruction System for Unity. In this video, we'll start from scratch with a basic cube, make it a destructible object, create a destroyed prefab with wall pieces, and even add a few debris bits from another model so they appear to be part of the destructible object.