ProTips - Tooltip System for UGUI

Add professional-looking tooltips to your Unity projects with ProTips!

ProTips is a tooltip solution for Unity built on the new UGUI system introduced in Unity 4.6. Create your own tooltip styles visually using the Unity Canvas and the templates provided in our package. Step-by-step documentation is included to get you started.

No programming knowledge is necessary, but it's helpful if you want to extend the system.

Requires Unity or Unity Pro.


Canvas overflow protection.

If a tooltip’s size would cause it to run off the UI canvas, it will automatically be repositioned.

Create new tooltip templates visually.

Position and style elements on your tooltip templates visually, using the familiar UGUI canvas components. When finished, simply save your tooltip as a prefab and you can use it on any tooltip trigger.

Rich text formatting.

Use familiar rich text markup in your tooltips to control font color, size, style, and weight.

Control the position of every tooltip.

You can easily control the display position and offset of every tooltip individually.

Easily modify tooltip delay and fade speed.

These parameters are exposed on the Tooltip Manager. Change them in the editor, or at runtime using code.

Tooltips for dynamically-created elements.

Are you creating dynamic elements through code that need tooltips? No problem!

Flexible tooltip options.

You can create tooltips that stay open for a while, stay open until closed, block other tooltips from opening, and trigger tooltips from one object that appear over another.

High performance.

Only one tooltip is instantiated per tooltip style and turned on/off as needed. This keeps memory usage and draw calls to a minimum.

Full source code.

If you ever need to extend the tooltip system for your specific requirements, full C# source code is included.


Full C# source code, no DLLs
9 Tooltip style templates in the Workshop scene to get you started
Demo Scene that provides working examples of core features
All assets shown in screenshots and demo, including layered PSD files for tooltip styles
PDF documentation takes you step-by-step through using and creating tooltips

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