Police Uniform Pack for Mixamo Fuse

Designed for Mixamo's Fuse, this police uniform pack adds new outfits for your men and women in blue. NOTE: This clothing pack (a $20 value) is now FREE. Enjoy!

This clothing pack extends your Mixamo Fuse library with police uniforms and accessories. This package is designed to be quickly imported directly into Fuse. Just unzip the included file and drop into your Fuse database folder.

What is Mixamo Fuse?

NOTE: Character models and scene props are not included.


2 Uniform shirts (1 each male/female)
2 Security guard uniform shirts (1 each male/female)
2 BDU pants (1 each male/female)
2 Nameplates (1 each male/female)
2 Badges (1 each male/female)
2 Security guard badges (1 each male/female)
2 Utility belts (1 each male and female)
1 Holster with gun prop (unisex)
1 Cap (unisex)
1 Boots (unisex)
Pre-made textures and materials for modelers who wish to rig the clothes separate from Fuse
Demo scene showing all objects with pre-made textures