DestroyIt - Destruction System for Unity

Add realistic, cinematic object destruction to your Unity games with our scripting/physics asset.

The DestroyIt Core framework provides throttling tools for performance, material pre-loading and transfer for seamless visuals, a particle manager, and object pooling. A wealth of particle effects, sample destroyed prefabs, and documentation are also included to get you started.

No programming knowledge is necessary, but it's helpful if you want to extend the system.

Requires Unity 4.5. DestroyIt works with both Unity Pro and Free.


Highly Scalable

DestroyIt comes complete with a Destruction Manager, a Particle Manager, Object Pooling, and a Material Preloader for high performance.

Realistic Destruction

DestroyIt was designed to use destroyed prefabs that break apart realistically and produce convincing, persistent debris. Flying debris can damage players and enemies, and can also be used for cover, which creates emergent gameplay.

Emergent Gameplay

When objects can be destroyed into realistic debris, it adds a facet of emergent gameplay and player choices that goes beyond visual effects. Create walls that can be breached; towers that can topple; and trees that can be chopped down.


Full C# source code, no DLLs
22 Particle effects
5 Shaderforge-compatible progressive damage shaders, with textures
Demo Scene that illustrates 22 core features
SUV Showcase Scene that shows how to make a vehicle destructible
All assets shown in screenshots and video
PDF documentation

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